Grammar entrance test

Click on the E-course button to start the entrance test. You will have 15 minutes to complete 30 questions from all areas and levels of English grammar.

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Test Results

After completing the test you will get your results and have the opportunity to see the correct answers, read an explanation and also listen to the pronunciation of the question.

Start your grammar course

According to the results of your entrance test you will be given a grammar course. The higher your entrance test result is the more chapters you will have in your grammar course.

You can download or read online study materials about a specific grammar topic and then do a test on what you have just studied.

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Exit test

Once you have passed all chapters or at least attempted a chapter 3 times, you will need to do an exit test. The exit test will have questions ONLY from the grammar areas that you were studying.

Start new course

If you pass the exit test you will get another grammar course with more chapters. If you do not pass the test you must do the same course again. The courses are from A1 to C2. There is no limit to how many times you can do a course during your licence.

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