StudyPro Learning Centre

StudyPro has 4 main parts:

  • Testing - This module contains thousands of mixed grammar tests which are generated according to your level. The better you become, the harder the tests will be. If the tests become too difficult for you, the system will automatically make the tests easier so that you do not lose motivation.
  • Online Library - This contains over 20 chapters of English grammar explanations, which you can download for free.
  • E-course - This section lets you do tests from one specific area of grammar.
  • Listening - There are over 70 listening exercises that will help you understand people from all over the world.
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Testing Module

The StudyPro testing module has 9 topic areas. As your results improve, the system will allow you to do tests from other areas of English. Study areas include: Grammar (23 sub-sections), General Vocabulary, Verbs, Technical English, Business Phrasal Verbs, General Phrasal Verbs, Advanced Vocabulary, Idioms and IT.

Test Results

After you do a test from the Testing area, you will immediately get your results. You can see the correct answers and you also have a chance to listen to the question to help improve your pronunciation. You can also find an online dictionary here so you can immediately find out the meaning of any words you did not understand.


In the Statistics module, you will find an analysis of all your strong and weak areas of grammar from tests that you complete in the Testing module. You can then visit the online library and focus your studies on the areas that you really need practice in.

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Online Library

After looking at your statistics and finding which areas of grammar you have a weakness in, you can visit the Online Library. Here you can find easy to understand explanations of all the grammar areas that you see in the testing areas. There is also the possibility to download all the chapters for free.


At the start of the E-course, you have to take a timed entrance test. According to the results of this test, you are provided with a grammar course. You have the opportunity to read materials about a specific area of grammar and then attempt a short, timed test of questions from that area. You have three attempts to pass the test, and after you complete all the tests, you are given a completion exam. Depending on the result of the final test, you can be moved to a higher level course, stay on the same level or go down one level.

Listening Module

In this module you will find listening exercises. Animated characters with various accents talk about different topics that you have to answer 6 multiple choice questions about. After the test is corrected, you have the opportunity to listen again and, at the same time, read a script of the text. This module is suitable for higher level students.

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Words and Phrases Module

This feature allows you to save words that are important to you or you want to spend more time learning. You can browse through your list by clicking on "Show my wordlist", and you can download a PDF file of the list so that you can study the words anywhere at any time. New words can be added or deleted whenever you wish.

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