Simple future - Test A

1. I've invited Jitka to the party, but I don't think she .....
2. Use the simple future - This wine is excellent. I think I (order) another one.
3. Ann is in hospital - Yes, I know. ... her tomorrow.
4. Use the simple future - The dress looks nice.I (buy) the dress for you if you like it.
5. Igor is in hospital! Yes, I know. ..... him tomorrow.
6. Use the simple future - I smell. I think I (have a shower) .
7. It is very cold in this room. Is it? ..... on the heating then.
8. Use the future simple - What do you think he (say) ?
9. Did you phone Martina ? Oh no, I forgot. ..... her now.
10. Use the simple future - What do you think (happen) ?