První a druhý kondicionál - Test A

1. Conditional - My grandparents are expecting us, they would be very disappointed if we (not/come) .
2. Conditional - My parents are expecting us. They would be very disappointed if we (not/come) .
3. If I were rich, ..... two yachts.
4. If I ..... younger, I would change my job.
5. If I were her, I ... him.
6. conditional - Do you think Martin would mind if I (borrow) his car without asking him?
7. conditionals - I am sure Simon (understand) , if you explained to him that it wasn't your fault.
8. I'll give you a lift in my car if it ..... .
9. If I ..... a more reliable car, I would drive to Paris rather than fly.
10. Conditionals - If you (find) a suitcase in the road, what would you do with it ?