Trpný rod - Test B

1. Use the correct form of the verb - A lot of people that were(invite) to my birthday party cannot come.
2. Use the correct form of the verb - My garden fence was (blow) down in the storm last night.
3. Use the future passive - Don't worry. When you arrive in Brussels, you (pick up) by Dagmar.
4. There's somebody walking behind us. I think ..... .
5. Please, pack those presents very carefully. I don't want them to ..... .
6. The new office computer system..... next week.
7. That school ......... left unoccupied since 1972.
8. I can assure you that this parcel ......... never been opened before I opened it yesterday.
9. How many times have you ......... your car broken into?
10. I'm sorry you can't come in at the moment because we ......... the office decorated right now.