Neurčitek (infinitiv) a přípona -ing - Test B

1. When I was younger, I used to (go) swimming every week.
2. There used to (be) a swimming pool here but it was demolished a few years ago.
3. Are you looking forward ... Ann again ?
4. Kate used to (drink) a lot of beer but now she prefers wine.
5. I think I ate too much for lunch. I'm not used to (eat) so much.
6. The film was very funny. I couldn't stop ...
7. I used to (have) a motorcycle but I sold it a few weeks ago.
8. I should go now. I promised ... late.
9. My parents used to (live) in a small village but now they live in Scotland.
10. I feel very sleepy. I would prefer ... out this evening. Maybe tomorrow.