Zájmena a "Some" a "Any" - Test C

1. ..... my friends knew I was getting married next month
2. I've given..... to Sarah.
3. .... hard work had been for nothing as it had been done wrong.
4. Following the flood,..... in the area needs major stuctural repair work.
5. The exchange programme allows students from many countries to communicate......
6. We should use ..... time we have available to discuss John's proposal.
7. "I don't suppose there'll be any seats left for the football game." "No, I......
8. They need someone who is both an excellent communicator and team player for the position as office manager. ..... is not easy to find.
9. "They could have been delayed by heavy traffic." "Yes, they......"
10. The report is .....used as the base for a new law connected to driving..