První a druhý kondicionál - Test C

1. Are you ..... going on holiday next week?
2. If I ..... younger, I would change my job.
3. ...... in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.
4. If the North Sea ...... in winter, you could walk from England to Oslo.
5. If the technology ...... available, we would be able to expand our business.
6. If he ... a chance of success, he would need to move to Paris.
7. I feel sick. I wish (I/not/eat) so much cake.
8. Conditionals - Shall we go swimming ? No, it is too cold. If it (be) warmer, I would go.
9. If you (have) a lot of money, where would you go on holiday ?
10. Conditionals - If I (have) enough money, I would buy a new car.