Předminulý čas prostý - Test C

1. Use the past perfect - By the time I got to the office, the meeting (begin, already) without me.
2. Use the past perfect - Simon: What did you focus on in your presentation to the board management? Kate: I (plan) to concentrate on our new office in China, but they wanted to know about the sales figures in America.
3. He didn't know the answer because he (not/do) his homework.
4. Paul ... out by the time I arrived in the office.
5. She ... in the door when the phone rang.
6. I was afraid to drive because I ... an accident before and was still a little nervous.
7. Use the past perfect - Kate started to watch TV after she (finish) her homework.
8. Use the past perfect - After we (eat / lunch) we went back to work
9. They were very good friends. They ..... each other for many years.
10. I was sad, when I lost my camera. I ..... it for a very long time.