Předpřítomný čas průběhový - Test C

1. Sorry for being late. That's all right, ..... long.
2. Were you waiting for me? Yes, I ..... for the last half hour. Why were you so late ?
3. You are working in a three star hotel. You started five months ago. I ..... .
4. It is raining. The rain started an hour ago. It ..... for an hour.
5. I'm learning French. I started classes in January. I ..... since January.
6. Gloria is working in Manchester. She started working there on 25 March. ..... since 25 March.
7. Here you are ! I ... for you for two hours !
8. Although she ... German for ten years, she still makes a lot of mistakes.
9. Is Jim watching TV? Yes, he ..... TV all evening.
10. Are you feeling ill? Yes, I ..... ill all week.