První a druhý kondicionál - Test B

1. Conditionals - He would be upset if I (not/go) to see him in hospital.
2. Conditionals - She would be upset if I (not/go) to see her in London during my visit there next week.
3. Conditionals - If you stopped smoking, you (feel) better.
4. Conditionals - If my boss offered me a job in Paris, I think I (take) it.
5. Conditionals - I am sure Steven will lend you his car. I'd be very surprised if he (refuse) .
6. Conditionals - If I sold my bike, I (not/get) much money for it.
7. Conditionals - If I sold my car, I (not/get) much money for it.
8. Conditionals - Many people would lose their jobs if the company (close down) .
9. Conditionals - What would happen if I (press) that green button ?
10. Conditionals - My husband gave me this necklace. He (be) very upset if I lost it.