Přítomný čas průběhový - Test C

1. Look! That man ..... to run away with your handbag.
2. At first I wasn't fond of the music, but ..... to enjoy it now.
3. Tricia is in New York at the moment. She ..... at the Hilton hotel.
4. Hurry up! It is time to go. She ..... for us.
5. We ..... by bus but then we decided to go by train instead.
6. We ..... a reunion last week, but some of our classmates couldn't come, so we cancelled it.
7. What time ..... this evening ?
8. ..... anything this evening? No, I am free, why?
9. We hadn't had anything to drink ..... five hours.
10. It's been raining ..... 11 o'clock in the morning.