Spojky a předložky - Test B

1. I left school early ... I had a headache.
2. I went to school the next day ... I was still feeling not well.
3. I accepted the job ... the wages, which were very good.
4. I accepted the job ... the wages, which were really bad.
5. I fell asleep very quickly, ... there was a lot of noise from a party next door.
6. I could not fall asleep ... the noisy party next door.
7. My boss may call me this evening. I don't want to go to the cinema ... he phones.
8. You should tell the police ... your car is stolen.
9. I hope you will have time to visit me in France, ... you come, you can sleep at our place.
10. This parcel is for Tom. ... you see him, can you give it to him?